Thursday, 30 September 2010

Should you complete a manuscript before submitting?

Faye asked a question yesterday that I thought was definitely worthy of its own thread...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

NV feedback and discussion

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Write what you know

Next to the reminder to 'show' rather than 'tell', it's probably the phrase that I've read most often in how-to books and on websites. I don't think there can be any question that writing about the subjects and situations you are familiar with enables your pen to move far more smoothly across the page - I can say that is certainly the case in journalism as well - but I was wondering how you get to this stage of comfort when you're writing for the historical or supernatural genres, for example?

Is it simply down to including a level of detail that leaves a reader in no doubt that you clearly know your subject matter inside out? Or is it all about your own level of confidence? After all, with situations that we're familiar with, we tend to know when less is more... Does the same apply here?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!


The first post...

Hi there,
It's taken me a few years to get my head around the concept of blogging - having always thought that it would require me to share the more mundane aspects of my life with a yawning readership. That was before I seriously began to pursue the idea of writing a novel and getting it published. As a journalist, writing has always been a major part of my day - it's my bread and butter, after all - but now, I'm having to learn the rules that apply in a whole new sphere.

I very much feel as though I've gone back to basics in a field that's crammed with talent and that all-important lucky break. So now, in between those features which ground me the real world, I spend my time writing cover letters to perspective agents, polishing my first completed manuscript and trying my hand at any other forms of writing that will help me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time author.

Most days it feels as though I'm leaving uni and applying for that first job all over again - with all the angst that comes with wondering whether you're really going to achieve what you've set out to do. As someone who already earns their living via the written word I can't imagine how daunting it must be for an aspiring author from a completely different industry.

A recent foray into the world of competition really brought it home to me that there are a lot of us out there! It also generated some great feedback for a chapter that I had submitted - which illustrated to me just how valuable these discussions with other writers (published or otherwise) can be.

The aim of this blog is to discuss anything and everything about fiction-writing. So, regardless of whether you're keen to discuss PoV, the difference between show and tell or simply want some advice on a particular niggle, I hope you'll take the time to post it here. :o)

Good luck with your submissions!