Wednesday, 29 September 2010

NV feedback and discussion

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  1. Thanks,Nadia.

    Faye, I just left a comment on NV. Really enjoyed your entry.

  2. Right - now I'm behind with my reading!!! I'll make sure I read your entries tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Christine, really appreciate you taking the time! and thanks Nadia for setting this up. it has been nice to meet a few new people :)

  4. >> Faye, Thanks so much for your comment on my NV entry. Yes I do tend to head hop a lot. Did you get confused as to who was saying what or who was thinking what? I've read that it's OK to change POV as long as you show who's POV you're in. Still a lot to learn here :-)<<

    Christine (and Faye, too)
    I am reading a story written by a Mills & Boon author where there may be POV shifts between the hero and heroine every other paragraph. The next section my go anywhere from 2-3 paras in one POV to 2-3 pages in one POV. Despite the rapid shifts in POV the execution is excellent, the tension is marvelous and there is never any doubt who is thinking, feeling and emoting in any given paragraph. I enjoy the immediacy of action/reaction in this type of writing.

    Oh, BTW, I participated in the medical fast track in August and too exhausted submit in NV. But I have been impressed with the quality or writing.

  5. Hi that's really interesting Nancy and Christine I therefore apologize for criticizing you for POV jumps. Guess you learn something new every day! :)

  6. Hi Nancy, Christine & Faye: Thanks for getting our first proper discussion going! I really hope we can keep the momentum up after the NV buzz has died down and I won't be left to switch the light off. :o)

  7. Hi guys,
    Please bear with me!!! This is my first time managing a blog and I realised (thanks to Francine) that there's a good chance that this discussion is going to drop into the September folder and get lost. So!!! I've created a new permanent page on the right-hand tool bar so that we any newcomers can find it more easily. I'm not sure there's a way to move previous posts to the page, so may have to just cut and paste what we have so far.
    Thanks for your patience!
    Nadia x