Monday, 4 October 2010

Serendipity & Co…

Without wishing to direct you away from this blog (no, please come back!!!) there’s a great story by Anne Rooney on an Awfully Big Blog Adventure that I think you’ll enjoy – if you haven’t come across it already that is. Click here to read... I think you’ll agree that it was a great use of hot pink during a time of frustration!

Anne’s story is a corker in itself but it got me thinking about those little details and coincidences that writers are always looking for. Since I seriously set about coming up with book ideas and storytelling, I’ve been amazed at how much inspiration there is in many of the everyday events I happen to witness and the people I meet. As a journalist I am required to concentrate on newsworthiness – and depending on the publication I am working for, it can be a challenge. When it comes to writing fiction, however, I am suddenly at liberty to draw on all those quirky characteristics and situations I come across and use them as I see fit! Writing aside, I think that’s why I love the creative side of this industry so much. I may not know what it feels like to be a published author, but there’s no doubt that I’m already looking at life through an entirely different lens.

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