Friday, 3 December 2010

A little too predictable

I’ve been home alone a lot recently – and consequently, I’ve been doing a lot more reading that I would normally get away with. Which has obviously been great, except for one thing: I seem to unravel the plot within a few chapters – which just leaves me with the text to read. This has also been happening with films and television programmes – something that I’m actually finding quite annoying.

Anyone else have this problem?

I’m wondering if this is a common complaint that afflicts those who spend most of their days devising plotlines on scraps of paper or making notes via mobile phone while walking the dog? If anyone has any recommendations for a novel that is sure to confound me, I’d love to hear it because I’m really starting to miss that sense of anticipation!


  1. this has been happening to me since i was a kid, I read body language pretty easily and can almost unravel most plots. What I do now is just read, i dont let my detective side take over except in the last nora Roberts book I read, I did that because she was trying to be too sneaky with the whodunnit and i could not resist the temptation.

  2. Thanks Joanna, I'll try and adopt your approach!